Erdal Fırat MühendislikErdal Fırat MühendislikErdal Fırat Mühendislik
(Pazartesi- Cumartesi)
Konak, İZMİR

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Rolanda Rochelle Kountry Wayne

Kountry most likely would have taken again Gena if she had not lashed out at Jess, and branded her a home wrecker. She even went further to assert that Kountry was enjoying games with her since they got married. She was untamable and her actions got to Jess who had…
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My Sister Is Off-limits

They wouldn’t even go as far as to suppose about themselves friends. Cheyenne has been in love with her brother’s finest friend for years however he was at all times the person she couldn’t have. All it took was one unintended text to let her crush out of the bag.…
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