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What’s the difference?!?! Recovery Residence or Oxford House

If there are no vacancies, an individual may be referred to another house in the area. Each house must fulfill these guidelines in order to be a chartered member of Oxford House, Inc. (a national 5013 non-profit organization). Please select the house you are interested in, contact them, and set up an interview. Independence in their daily lives and lasting freedom from addiction.

What is the Oxford House model?

Oxford Houses are self-run, communal-living settings consisting of residents who are recovering from substance use disorders through a total abstinence recovery model. The first Oxford House recovery home was developed in 1975 by a group of former substance-users in the United States.

A new house member must be interviewed by current residents and must receive an 80 percent vote of approval to be accepted. Erik, in recovery from addiction, discusses his support system and how staying in a sober living environment helped him. In terms of the effects of the presence of children on the interactions of house members, most respondents felt the children positively affected the interpersonal dynamics of the house. Respondents mentioned the inclusion of children in daily tasks and behaviors when discussing the positive atmosphere of the house. In addition, some respondents felt that the presence of children had socio-emotional effects on the house members and contributed to positive living environment. This study went beyond examination of the effect of children on all the residents of an Oxford House to look specifically at how addiction and recovery have affected the mother-child relationships of the study participants.

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Future research efforts designed to further explore the role of children in the recovery process should work to obtain larger sample sizes so that the results are more generalizable. Regardless of this issue, the present research suggests that children can be a powerful part of the effort to support adults’ recovery from substance abuse. The Oxford House concept is to sustain self-run and self-supported recovery homes for men and women in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. An Oxford House describes this democratically run sober house, run by the residents and financially supported by them alone.

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He/She may be entitled to lower rent/free housing in exchange for this service. Their responsibilities may range from randomly drug testing residents, collecting rent, and monitoring the house to more formal responsibilities, such as case management and support. These individuals usually need to have at least 3 months of continuous clean time. The House Manager is there to provide accountability to the other residents. Sober Living is a general term that refers to a substance-free living environment.

The Philosophy Behind Oxford House

This was even true despite greater average cost per each participant over 2 years ($3200 more). All told, the net benefit of being assigned to the Oxford House condition versus usual care was $29,000 what is an oxford house per person during the 2-year study. Importantly, when looking only at Oxford House participants, individuals who stayed there for 6 or more months had much better abstinence rates (84 vs. 54%).

What is the purpose of an Oxford House?

What is an Oxford House? Oxford Houses offer a supportive way of living, and opportunities to learn skills in an alcohol and drug- free environment. About 2,500 people in Washington receive recovery support through Oxford Houses each year. They are self-run, single-family homes.

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